Glimmer strives to make the process as convenient as possible and we want our customers to feel confident while purchasing our aligners. Our policies are customer-friendly.

Impression Kit

Our policy allows you to get a refund if you return our Impression Kit within 5 working days from the day of its purchase. The kit should not be opened or used.

Aligners Refund Policy:

As we are not able to reuse the Aligners for anyone else, we do not accept returns on Aligners. Once we receive your Consent of Treatment and your Aligners have been fabricated, they cannot be refunded.


If you wish to seek repair, resupply, replacement or a refund for a faulty product, please contact us and we will explain the requirements to you. This may include you: (i) providing proof of purchase, (ii) providing evidence of fault to us, and (iii) returning any faulty products to us.


If you are entitled to a refund, we will only give you the refund once evidence of fault is received and confirmed by our team. Any refund we make will be by the same payment method used to purchase the product.
Please note that any discomfort, swelling, sensitivity, numbness, sore jaw muscles or succumbing to an allergic reaction to materials used in our products may not, in itself, be evidence of product fault.