We are Glimmer Dental Pty Ltd and have introduces an exciting new improvedand cost-effective aligner system, GLIMMER.

What is an Aligner?

An aligner is a custom-made, clear plastic, removable tray that fits over your teeth and corrects their positioning.

How does Glimmer Aligner work?

Each Glimmer aligner moves teeth a little bit by exerting pressure on them.

How are Glimmer Aligners made?

Glimmer uses the FDA approved BPA free material.

Can one Glimmer aligner straighten teeth?

No, but a series of Glimmer aligners can. Each new aligner moves your teeth a little bit further and you can eventually have straight teeth.

How many Glimmer aligners are needed to straighten my teeth?

It depends on the severity of the problem. It may be varying from 6-12 months or more.

Is there any age limit for Glimmer treatment?

It’s ideal for adults and teens as permanent dentition is required.

Is the Glimmer treatment painful?

Glimmer aligners put precise and light forces on to teeth so it is not painful but a slight discomfort may be experienced at the beginning of treatment, which goes away within 24 hours. Aligners are made in medical grade plastic unlike metal wires braces, which hurt your cheeks and lips.